We are Nooby Noo!! A small independent brand in the UK

Ditching the wire doesn't mean ditching the support. Our bras are not only super comfortable but also offer great lift. 

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We all have complex relationships with our bodies as we go through life. Nooby Noo was built on a dream to create comfortable, empowering undies that offer incredible comfort. 

We currently handmake all our undies here in Somerset (UK). Demand is high and we feel so honoured you love our undies as much as we do! We've grown so much in such a short space of time! Thank you!

With the hike in demand we've been working hard behind the scenes with our friends overseas to bring some awesome, fun, funky, supportive, good fitting undies your way. These will be in our ready to ship section of our site soon. All our handmade items will be in our handmade section!

Our handmade undies are made to measure. Meaning you'll need a soft tape measure to hand. The undies are then made to these measurements so they fit you perfectly. Its important to get accurate measurements and sometimes its easier to look in a mirror when measuring or ask a partner to help. 

We do not over produce stock or fabric and support the 'less is more' approach to our undies manufacturing. So you may find periods where we're out of stock in one print or running low on sizes. Please bear with us, we'll always try hard to restock where possible or just bring out another awesome range. 

We are dedicated to producing long lasting undies using the highest quality products. We believe quality made products mean longer lasting garments, less waste to landfill and an all-round cleaner planet. 

For any questions please don't hesitate to contact

Nadine x